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Edition with limited units, illustrated by GORDO


Gordo is an independent illustration project, formally started in networks at the end of
2016. From the graphic game with the typical sayings of the country and, above all, the city, to the simple
desire to put any idea in the lines, Gordo focuses on leaving in his drawings what
believes indispensable in art: honesty, empathy and poetic image.

Like good anecdotes, Gordo arises from a nickname. At school they used to tell me that because of my last name (Gordillo) that it was the perfect excuse to give me a name that, beyond the mistake, does not correspond to me, neither in weight nor in gender: I am a 23-year-old illustrator from Bogotá.

The project has been promoted so far with digital media merch and independent fairs, in which Gordo exhibits the illusions for which he is most characteristic in networks: The 4 Babys of philosophy, "The dog and the fish", and the sensual twerking style of Engels and Marx (ft. Rihanna's song) in "Work Work Work"

Gordo Tennis
Gordo Tennis
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